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RULD is The Creative Assotiation of Lighting Designers

The main goal:

To raise the professional level of lighting design, both in theoretical and practical areas.


  • to promote research and design (creative) activities of professors, young scientists, students, practitioners in the field of science and lighting design;
  • to solve problems of mainstream education system and to develop of professional training programs;
  • to form information space for effective professional collaboration in addressing the pressing issues in the field of science, education, lighting design and experimental design;
  • to develop intellectual cooperation of university teachers, young scientists and students, practitioners and their involvement in solving the problems of lighting design sphere;
  • to raise the status of research activities in the field of lighting design;
  • to control quality and responsibility of specialists in the profession of lighting design;
  • to facilitate professional development of educators;
  • compilation and dissemination of scientific and practical experience;
  • creating conditions for a fruitful integration of industrial practices in education system for the purpose of preparing young people for the challenges facing todays lighting designers.


Efimov Andrey Architecture, D. Arch, Prof. (Head of department "Urban space Design", architectural coloristics, lighting design)
Silkina Marina Designer, Prof. (lighting design, graphic design, visual communications, urban space)
Bystryantseva Natalia Architector-designer, Prof. (lighting design, urban space, comprehensive research and design of the light environment of the city)
Vasilev Ivan Project manager, PhD (lighting design, project management, astrophotography)
Kolgushkina Svetlana lighting designer, Master's degree (lighting design, urban space, light pollution)
Roslyakova Svetlana Lighting designer, Master's degree (lighting design, interior lighting, physiological optics)
Matveev Nicolay Engeneer, Engineering PhD, (lighting design, “LUX AETERNA” lighting theatre, art-therapy)
Pavlov Evgeniy Architector-designer (lighting design, architecture, urban space)
Kamenskaya Galina (Engineering PhD, specialist in architecture lighting, prof., head of "ЦНИИЭП" ("ZNIIEP"), developer of the existing urban light norms)
Karataeva Kseniya Industrial Design (lighting design, graphic design, painting, lighting concepts and visualization)
Lekus Elena Science researcher, PhD, prof. (lighting design, lighting shapes, monumental sculpture, arts)
Sokolova Marina Architector, PhD, Prof. (Lighting design, architecture design, propedeutics, integrated approach to the study of the city)

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Today in lighting design profession there are different issues that require an active discussion of various kinds of specialists to effective and constructive cooperation and problem solving

What Else

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