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Headliners of the Conference. Andreas Schulz

Andreas Schulz, professor, lighting designer of the Year 2011 and 2015 (Der Deutsche Lichtdesign-Preis), member of IALD, founder of Licht Kunst Licht AG

Andreas Schulz is the CEO of Licht Kunst Licht AG in Germany, a lighting design company with a team of 26 designers, architects and engineers. A graduate of the electrical engineering program in Cologne and lighting design in Ilmenau, Andreas has accumulated a wealth of experience at architectural and event lighting through his 25-year career.

Mr. Schulz worked for a German broadcasting company with a focus on television lighting and for a lighting design office in Cologne before founding Licht Kunst Licht AG in 1991.

Since then the office, with branches in Bonn and Berlin, Germany, has participated in over 600 projects around the world. It has been featured in more than 180 publications and has received more than 60 internationally acknowledged lighting design awards.

Mr. Schulz has been involved in lighting education as a guest lecturer at the Peter Behrens School for Architecture in Düsseldorf and is the founding professor for lighting design at the University for Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany. He is also assigned as a consultant to the Federal Republic of Germany for lighting and energy related issues. Andreas is a member of the Lichtbeirat of the City of Berlin, an advisory council for lighting related topics, and is consultant to Regula Lüscher, Senator in charge of building works in the office for urban development. He has served on the IALD Board of Directors since 2010.

Conference "Lighting Design 2016". Theme: "Light. Space. Time"