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Headliners of the Conference. Roger Narboni

Roger Narboni, the world-renowned French lighting designer, visual artist and electronical engineer, director of CONCEPTO, founded in 1988 and has realized more than 200 landscape, urban, heritage and architectural lightings.

He launched in 1987 a new discipline called Light Urbanism and has realised since then more than 120 lighting master plans in France and abroad.

He has developed since 10 years prospective researches and creative studies on the topic of the future of urban lighting.

Roger Narboni was one of the founders of the Association française des Concepteurs lumière et Eclairagistes.

Dujiangyan riverscape, Sichuan, China Lighting design : Roger Narboni, Concepto studio & Zhongtai Lighting Group.

Garonne riverscape, Toulouse, France Lighting design : Roger Narboni, Concepto studio

In 2002, he started a new reflection on the eco-lighting design, on the study of dark infrastructures to rediscover the role that darkness can play in cities and on the preservation of the nocturnal biodiversity, which deepened at numerous international conferences in which it participates since fifteen years.

Since 2014 teaching “the nocturnal landscape” in the Master of Urban lighting, INSA of Lyon, France and in the Master of Landscape, IUAV, International University of Architecture of Venice, Italy.

Invited teacher “the urban and architectural lighting” in the “Creative Lighting Design Master”, ITMO University of Saint Petersburg, Russia (since 2016).

Roger Narboni was the headliner of the Conference "Lighting Design 2015" Theme: "Lighting Culture" last year in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Roger Narboni and the students of CLD ITMO University during the lecture “Urban lighting’s evolutions”

Sources of information: official website CONCEPTO.

Conference "Lighting Design 2016". Theme: "Light. Space. Time"