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Natalia Koptseva and Vasiliy Tarasenko

The project LIGHT CUBE designed by Natalia and Vasiliy was implemented in May 2016 in Moscow and included into the darc awards/architecture 2016 short list, Category ART (HIGHT BUDJET).

LIGHT CUBE project is a light installation which is unique for Russia. The installed object is found at the LUCOIL Headquarters’ top two kilometers off the Moscow Kremlin. As a concept, it is the top of the pane making the whole view on Turgenevskaya Square ensemble.

The LIGHT CUBE object enables to create various associations. The theme of the three-dimension light continuity depends wholly on our imagination capabilities and fantasy. It is a quintessential dynamic sculpture not only lighting but able to change light forms as the result of using both static and dynamic themes to create three-dimension images.

The idea of objet d’art location is engaging, making it possible to exhibit art works effectively, thus, contributing into sightseeing attractions of Moscow and creating a new show place. We were inspired by the ideas of Kazimir Malevich’s suprematist compositions, especially, by his Red Square painting, which was created one hundred years ago.


Natalya Koptseva and Vasily Tarasenko.

Suprematist art represents the essence of art, its beginning as well as its ending, consisting of denuded feelings, nondescript art. Both life as a whole and object art contain simple images of feelings, while art free of visual depiction of objects seeks to reveal “pure artistic feelings”. Suprematism is at the top of such kind of pure art.

Today’s constantly developing world is made of numerous information flows and images that surround us everywhere. The task was to produce a fast appropriate positive effect on the watchers using the simple image of the LIGHT CUBE, providing the brand’s growing impact. Clear perception and identification of the LIGHT CUBE with a socially oriented product will foster brand loyalty.

Project "Light Cube" by Natalya Koptseva and Vasily Tarasenko.

The LIGHT CUBE conforms to all architecture parameters of the building, it also responds to the company’s image, its goodwill. It is similar to a lighthouse being the principal magnet of attraction and business streams.

The LIGHT CUBE means striving for the future, it is going up, developing and innovations.

More than 90 projects from different countries, including several well-known international companies, were presented for the contest. In the final the concept by light designer Natalia Koptseva and lighting technician Vasiliy Tarasenko from Ekaterinburg was announced the winner.

The project was implemented in May 2016 by MT Electro Company.

Project "Light Cube" by Natalya Koptseva and Vasily Tarasenko.

The installation shows three- dimension facility of individually controlled LED modules. LED modules evenly fill the volume of 5,7х5,7х12 meters spaced at intervals of 250 mm.

Pixels are united mechanically and electrically into vertical light chains. Fastening is made with the help of cable ropes- two cables per each line. Every line is twelve meters long, all in all there are four hundred eighty-four lines.

The number of pixels makes nineteen thousand three hundred sixty. The total watt consumption for peak-load conditions makes twenty-five kilowatt.

Conference "Lighting Design 2016". Theme: "Light. Space. Time"