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Lighting Design 2017

International research-to-practice conference

The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

October 12–13, 2017, Free entry

Theme of the Year 2017 is "Idendity through the lighting environment". The main goal of the conference is to build an intelligent discussion forum to connect Science and Business and to find new ideas, tools and ways of working with Light through Art and Innovative technologies.

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Leading specialists of Russian and foreign companies working in the field of lighting design, design, multimedia and arts; lighting designers, architects, artists, philosophers, scientists, students, technicians, designers, representatives of state institutions and authorities — all those who are looking for new capabilities in light.


- To present the best international projects and practical specialists in the field of lighting design, to identify the strategy of using technological trends and to discover the future techniques for working with light.

- To develop quality multidisciplinary educational and research programs in order to increase specialists’ competitiveness.

- To integrate business and professional communities into educational and research activities in order to optimize lighting design solutions and involve multidisciplinary team for the implementation of innovative projects and tasks.

Reference points

- Light is the fast and effective way to find your idea: the most unusual and creative experiments with light through space and time that received international recognition.

- How to discover new technology combining humanitarian and technical knowledge.

- In which types of projects the market is ready to invest — professional advices.


- What is important to know about modern light culture and how to generate the social demand for quality of public spaces: the cases of profitable lighting design projects.

- How professionals receive exclusive competencies and who needs the world market.

The main sessions and panel discussions of conference in 2017

Session №1: Open Cities

  • IT-scaling©: how to create the tools of analysis for smart cities and why they are necessary for the world professional community
  • In anticipation of holiday: light as a communication tool and a way for transformation of public spaces in the citywide

Session №2: Welcome to the Digital world

  • Creating environment for people: new control tools and techniques, changing attitudes to the design of urban lighting environment
  • Childhood in the urban environment: new technologies for a new generation

Session №3: Art & Science in Lighting Design

  • Lighting scenarios. Venue: city, theatre, interior
  • Light, fabric and wearable electronics: trends for world market of smart fashion, jewelry and accessories

Session №4: Professional transformation

  • To Activate thinking: exclusive techniques for professional development
  • To improve environment for ideas: progressive tools in the hands of future professionals


ITMO University, The Higher School of Lighting Design (CLD ITMO University), creative association of lighting designers RULD

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